So, have you been wondering, “What the heck is phenology anyway”?

FINALLY here is your answer!! Phenology is the study of changes in the seasons.

When you see Outwoods hosting a phenology walk it is to watch flowers, shrubs, trees, birds and other animals as they change during the year. We usually do these walks in the spring, since that is the time when so much happens in such a short period of time. Week by week nature unfolds right before your eyes.

So check out a spring phenology walk with Outwoods in April or May. Or our fall phenology walks to watch nature prepare for the long cold winter. All it takes is someone willing to lead the trip!!

Please note: We often do hikes in the fall to help some area parks harvest prairie seeds for future use in the park. The focus isn’t necessarily on phenology, but it is a beautiful time of year to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Recreation Club for the GLTBS Community